Advantages of EC Technology

Overview of the advantages

  • high efficiency factor
  • low energy consumption
  • integrated monitoring function
    (motor temperature, locked rotor and many more)
  • easy installation and connection (Plug & Play)
  • expanded functionality (pressure control and many more)
  • compact construction


Energy Efficiency

Our engineers and technicians are constantly working on improving the energy efficiency of our products – with success. Our motors with modern EC-technology achieve efficiency ratings over 90% and save up to 50% energy versus traditional motor technology. In comparison to EC 60034-30, Rosenberg EC-motors have an efficiency rating greater than IE4. The lower energy consumption is not only good for the environment, but lowers the operating costs for our customers.

Expanded Functionality

The EC-technology offers more than just efficiency. Rosenberg EC-motors are maintenance free and low-noise. In addition, the integrated, intelligent electronics take care of control, communication and monitoring functions. Steplessly variable speed settings are possible as well as the creation of pressure, air flow and air quality parameters. Parameters essential to the proper operation, i.e. voltage or temperature, are monitored automatically. With this, our EC-products meet the highest standards in regards to energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and high air quality.


Quality pays for itself. The slightly higher investment costs compared to conventional motors is usually amortized within a short operating time due to lower energy consumption und greater ease of installation (no transformer controller, motor overload switch, thermocouple meter, VFD, or phase angle controller are necessary).

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