New EC-Motor Generation 3

The new EC-Motor Generation 3 from Rosenberg is 30 % more powerful than generation 2.

New EC Motor Generation 3 (Size 6)

The maximum electrical input power is 4.7 kW. By standard the motors input voltage range is 200-480 VAC (50/60 Hz). Beside from that, the motor offers a lot more upgrades, such as:

  • an integrated inspection LED to visualize the motors condition. It is visible from the outside through the composite material of the cover of the motor.
  • improved ModBus RTU functionality. The motor is not only measuring its current power consumption, but also is continuously recording its total energy consumption. A detailed histogram is showing the load profile of the fan as well as the temperature at which the fan operates over time. This makes it possible to predict potential defects as well as to evaluate the operating conditions of the selected EC-fan.
  • Electronic Quick Change Technology (EQC). In case of an electronic defect, e.g. caused by false connection, it is possible to change the electronic head within minutes and without touching other parts of the fan.
  • IT-network (Earthing system) support. IT-network is a configuration of the power grid often used in hospitals and data centres. It is mainly about increasing the fault tolerance of the system.
  • 280-680 VDC-Supply. The use of DC voltage becomes more and more common in data centres, due to failure safety and overall design considerations.

The integration of the new EC Motor starts with plug fans, axial fans and the ECFanGrid. Afterwards it will soon replace the generation 2 motor in standard fans such as roof, box and duct fans. Feel free to contact us any time, if you have any further questions about the motor.

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